A Cristina Sabaiduc scarf exemplifies the designer’s questioning of beauty in our natural and manufactured surroundings. The prints are explorations of common materials; usually working with distorting our visual understanding of the subject matter and the value it holds. Each collection draws inspiration from creating something aesthetically beautiful out of an unexpected source; a natural artefact or object often overlooked as unappealing or non-valuable. 

The scarves are digitally printed in the highest quality in limited editions in the UK. The signature scarf size is 130x170cm, which allows limitless possibilities for individual styling. The silk scarves feature small embedded magnets for added versatility and the ease of not having to tie a knot in your silk scarf.

There is an inquisitive nature to all of Cristina’s work, whether it is considering the parallels between architecture and design, or exploring organic and existential imagery. With her love for innovation, coupled with a timeless design aesthetic, Cristina Sabaiduc brings a quiet, yet powerful passion to her thought-provoking brand.